Thursday, May 31, 2007

Enjoying Delhi through Food

I visited Delhi recently on a work related trip, and had the most amazing food experiences during my short 4 days there! Delhi is well known for its chaats, parathas and just incredible street food.

I cannot cover all the great food I ate, but will highlight my all time favorite: Dahi Puchkas also known as Dahi Sev Batata Puri in other parts of India!!! What are these you ask? These are basically bite sized and sometimes not so bite sized creations filled with potaoes, mint chutney, corriander, sev, yoghurt, slivers of ginger among other things! It basically is a slice (or bite ;) of heaven in your mouth!

Along with the food in Delhi, I also enjoyed some unique sights of Delhi in surely the most crowded of market in India, Chandni Chowk! Delhi is such a great city, with its unique history, tree lined streets, hip clubs, and unbelievable food, be it on the streets or in its restaurants!
Indomitable Qutab Minar! (Pic taken by my friend S)

Street Food Galore

Buzzing Chandni Chowk

Street barber trimming yes, his clients ear hair :)

This is my entry to Bon Vivant's Meals Abroad event. Hope you enjoy this little preview of a city I would love to revisit soon!


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Hi Dhana!

I love street food! I am so big on that - it is such a great way to understand a culture's food! I am sure you had a wonderful time eating your way through Dehli!

Richa said...

oh my! that plate of chaat is sooooo tempting :)

TheCooker said...

Chaat rocks!
If you have to eat chaat, you should have it standing by a streetside, right? Sitting in a restaurant to eat chaat just doesn't cut it.

Chelsea said...

Hi Dhana -
Love your post - street food always makes me want to dig out my passport. Especially like the picture of the street barber. Thanks for participating in Meals Abroad!

Dhana said...

I know Jen, isn't street food the best!

Richa, the chaat was so good that I ate it all 4 days I was in Delhi!

Cooker, I could not agree more :)

Chelsea, am glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you can get out your passport sooner than you imagine!

Anonymous said...

the food looks so yummy

I sha said...

wow that foods so yummy

Dhana said...

i sha, thanks for stopping by! The food was truly tasty, and the best part is these days they use bottled water to make all those tasty street foods in Delhi!

Hemanshu Kumar said...


Just chanced upon your blog. Absolutely agree with you on street food being wonderful -- especially in Delhi, where there's such a variety.

In fact, I run a blog on all sorts of offbeat eating joints in Delhi.. do take a look:

Eating Out in Delhi

You must try out some of these places when you're in Delhi next!

Dhana said...

Thanks Hemanshu. Will check out your site!