Saturday, April 12, 2014

Salt & Caviar on my Mind!

Salt & Caviar on my Mind

I recently discovered the amazing world of "salt". I know this sounds crazy considering I have been using salt in cooking forever now. But this is not your everyday salt I am referring to, but flavored salts that can take simple everyday foods from Yah that's Good to Oh My God, I am in Heaven :D

After having used these new found salts, I am finding it almost impossible to go back to plain old salt!

Ghost Pepper Salt (SUPER spicy so use sparingly). Paired well with avocado & mango

White Truffle salt. Paired very well with baked baby potatoes

Gray salt with Seaweed. Paired with grilled eggplant & pears

Murray River Pink Salt. Paired with the baked baby potatoes & drilled eggplant

Expresso Salt. Paired excellently with caramel ice cream as well as with lavender ice cream.

Given our dinner was already so decadent, I added caviar to the menu. The black caviar was served on boiled quail egg while the red caviar was served with home made bread with some sour cream on top.

All these go perfectly with a good champagne or mimosa :D

Enjoy !