Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ode to Kalyn's veggies event

Ode to Kalyn's "Guess 2 popular veggies event"

Crostinis all laid out

Nothing beats fresh basil!

Take a bite!!

A few days ago, the wonderful Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen asked her readers to vote for the 2 most popular vegetables. I had no idea then that my simple response of Tomatoes & Basil, 2 of my all time favorite veggies would win me 2 awesome books! I just received my 1st book, Vegetables Everyday, which is filled with the most wonderfully simple vegetarian dishes. Can't wait to try them out. Thanks again Kalyn!

As a tribute to these super popular vegetables, I made my friend S's basil and tomato crostinis. Again, so simple to put together, yet packed with flavor. The combination of mozzarella with basil, tomato and some good balsamic vinegar is to die for!

Tomato Basil Crostinis
1. 1 packet mini toasts (I get mine from TJs) or bread (baguette/sour dough) cut into bite sized squares
2. Fresh mozzarella cheese
3. Fresh basil
4. Cherry tomatoes cut in half. You could also use regular tomatoes, but tastes better with the cherry tomatoes
5. Good quality balsamic vinegar. I recently bought the balsamic vinegar spray from TJs, and LUVD it, It is such a great idea as the quantity of vinegar is just right when sprayed and spreads evenly!
1. Assemble the mini toasts/bread pieces
2. Layer the mini toast with a slice of the cheese, then topped with the cherry tomato and a leaf of basil.
3. Spray/Drizzle with balsamic vinegar
And really thats it! Enjoy :)


Padmaja said...

love that fresh basil plant in your garden!!! simple n tasty recipes

Asha said...

How nice!! Tomato and Basil is a classic Italian combo!! Good for you. Enjoy your books!:))

Kalyn said...

How delicious! I love the way you used the two winning ingredients! When I get home from work I'm going to link this in with the two year recap post!

So glad you like the book, but just wait until you get the herb one! It's spectacular. Both those books were recommended to me by other food bloggers and they're two of my absolute favorites!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Hey Dhana....Congrats on getting the man That must quite a thing :-)
and the Crostinis looks very palatable :-)

Deborah said...

Simple and delicious! My favorite kind of recipe. :)

Tee said...

Congrats Dhana! Crostinis look delish!

Cynthia said...

Basil is my favourite herb.

Dhana said...

Padmaja, aren't home grown vegies the best?

Thanks Asha! Totally looking f/w to cooking with them!!

Kalyn, I can't wait to have a lok at the 2nd book! Keep running to the mail box to see if it has arrived :D

Sirisha, yah it really is cool!

Deborah, nothing beats simple1

Thanks Tee :)

Cynthia, mine too! So versatile..

Namratha said...

Hmmm I can smell the fresh Basil, pass me those crostinis please :)

Sharmi said...

very nice and creative. I too wanted to participate but didn't find time.

Dhana said...

Namratha, come on over anytime :)

Thanks Sharmi. Yah it was a fun event!

Laavanya said...

Congratulations Dhana... you did pick two great veggies.. and the crostinis look delicious.

TBC said...

Congrats Dhana!
The crostinis look great. I like balsamic vinegar on almost anything. This must have tasted really good.

sagari said...

looks very freshhhhhh

Kalyn said...

Finally getting back to this and added your link to the two year recap! Hopefully you've gotten the other book by now. If now let me know, I have the tracking number from if we need to track it down.

Christy said...

Fresh basils rock!:D
Simple yet unique:)

Dhana said...

Thanks Laavanya!

TBC, isn't balsamic just so good especially when its aged well :)

Sagari, nothing beats fresh basil!

Kalyn, thank you soo much! I just got to see the 2nd book. Its so g8..I absolutely love it! Will write a post in a day or two!

Christy, thanks :)

Rachael said...

Kalyn is so great! And this recipe looks fab...