Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recipes from Fellow Bloggers

There are so many amazingly talented food bloggers out there. They range from blogging who talk about every day food which is oh so comforting, to beautifully photographed gourmet works of art which bring one pure joy!

I have been turning to my fellow bloggers recipes and advice where I have been having a blast trying out different recipes sometimes using ingredients I had never even heard of!! I recently tried out 3 awesome (and sure shot crowd pleaser!) recipes from Nupur's & Richa's blogs.

The first dish I made a Bread Bowl Souffle inspired by Nupur of One Hot Stove.

Her recipe has some super tasty ingredients consisting mainly of boursin cheese (aah cheese!), sourdough bread bowl, eggs, mushrooms and spinach. I made 2 variations, one with the exact ingredients on Nupur's post, and another one where I added shredded cooked chicken and some red pepper flakes for the meat & heat lovers! The end result was a super tasty dish that I will surely make again.

The other 2 recipes came from Richa of As Dear As Salt. I tried her Stuffed Peppers, which was a truly unique recipe for me as I had never steamed suffed peppers with chickpea flour before.

Verdict: this is an excellent dish, with just the perfect flavors and the best part is there was NO frying involved (my kind of dish!). I think I overcooked the chickpea flour, which made the filling a bit dry, but overall a truly great find!

The next recipe from Richa's blog was Parwal with Kala Chana.

I was fascinated by the combination of this dish and had to try it. It made for a really good, comforting meal where R who is not very fond of Parwal's tucked it all in with gusto!

I can't wait to try out some more great recipes, especially with the farmers markets filled with new and interesting fresh produce!


Asha said...

Great dishes to try.Bread bowl looks fab and I love Richa's dishes:)

USHA said...

Nice recipes....bread bowl looks great and Richas' dishes too..

Richa said...

looks great, dhana! they are fav at my home as well :) isn't it fun to try such new dishes!
thanks for the shout out :)

Dhana said...

Thanks Asha. Aren't they really g8 recipes?

Usha, all the dishes were truly good finds. Thanks for stopping by!

Richa, I loved trying out stuff from your site. Look forward to cooking with many moredishes from your site!

Coffee said...

That bread bowl souffle looks great!!!!!! I must hop over and see whats it like!! Thanks for the heads up Dhana. :)

Anonymous said...

great collection of recipes...

Dhana said...

Hi Coffee, the souffle sure was good! Definitely a calorie splurge but well worth it ;)

Thanks Dilip!

Mrs. Baasje said...

Hi Dhana,
Thanks for came by to my blog. Ur blog nice too..and love spicy Indian food...


Nupur said...

Hi Dhana, don't know how I missed this post all these days! Thank you so much for trying the souffle recipe and writing about it. It reminds me that I have not made it for ever! Glad you enjoyed it :)