Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Watermelon-Papaya Salad

I want some now!

Living in California, we are extremely spoiled by great weather. Last week we all complained when the temperature reached 94 degrees saying this was way too hot. 2 days later, we all started complaining about how cold it was when the temperature dropped to a shocking 75 degrees :D.. Oh well, I guess after paying those extremely high home prices/rents/taxes, that's the least we can do eh :P

I for one am thoroughly enjoying the warm spring weather this year! It surely was time to cool it off with a refreshing watermelon-papaya salad which I have blogged about earlier. You can get the detailed recipe here.

Given that nothing speaks Spring like a Crisp Watermelon Salad, I am sending this to Bee & Jai's Click:Spring/Autumn event.


Aparna Kadakia said...

Looking delicioso. I love watermelons and papaya so am eager to try out a salad which contains both. Will keep you posted.

Dhana said...

Appu, let me know if u make it. I made this a lot last year as well, and was a hot each time!

bee said...

thank you, dear dhana.