Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watermelon Margarita & Stuffed Watermelon Bites

Watermelon Cheese Bites

Watermelon Margarita

You know summer is here when you get not one but two HUGE watermelons home the same day! Yes, thats exactly what happened to R & me. I picked up what I thought was a nice juicy watermelon from the local grocery store, and the very same day R decides to pick one up from Costco on his way home. We both lay our respective watermelons down and started laughing...more so from the fact that when put next to each other they looked like Laurel and Hardy!!! Well, those who know Costco well can probably guess which came from which store ;)

Given our sudden bounty of watermelon, I decided to make a cheesy watermelon appetizer to match our cheesy grins! Then blended some pretty looking watermelon margaritas to wash down our silliness!!

While we are happy and well cooled with all this watermelon consumption, we still have a fridge filled with more and more and more what else, watermelon!!! I am so excited that Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi are hosting this month's AFAM event where the theme is watermelon. I surely need ideas to use up all that great watermelon in new and innovative ways :)
This is also my submission to this month's AFAM event.

Watermelon Cheese Bites
1. Seedless watermelon cut into 6 individual blocks
2. Crumbled feta cheese. I used fresh Mozzarella as had some ready at hand
3. 1 tsp Olive oil
4. 1/2 tsp Italian herb mix. You could also use just basil, thyme or oregano
5. 2 Green chilies sliced
1. Cut the watermelon into square blocks. Remove the center flesh to make an indent leaving the bottom part intact.
2. In a bowl, combine the cheese, olive oil and herbs. Mix well
3. Scoop out a small spoonful of the cheese mix, and fill the indented portion of the watermelon squares
4. Top with green chili slices (optional)
Serve chilled. These make for great summer party finger food. Enjoy :)

Watermelon Margarita
1. 16 oz seedless watermelon pieces
2. 1/2 lime
3. 6 oz tequila
4. 3 oz triple sec
5. 1 tbsp sugar (optional)
6. 2 cups ice
1. Blend the watermelon slices in a blender and liquify
2. Add remaining ingredients, including the ice and blend until smooth
3. Add sugar if needed
4. Serve in a margarita glass with a sugar coated rim. Garnish with fresh mint
Enjoy :)


Asha said...

I love the cheese bites.How cool is that!!!:))

Poonam said...

Watermelon cheese bites! thats so creative...my first time here..nice blog..

bee said...

nice ways to use watermleon. thanks for participating.

Sharmi said...

the cheese bites look so cute and innovative.

Dhana said...

Asha, I like your play on the word cool. Cool and refreshing these were indeed :)

Poonam, thanks for stopping by!

Bee, I loved the theme of this month's AFAM event. Thanks for hosting!

Thanks Sharmi!!

Kajal said...

Ohhh.....very nice Watermelon cheese bites.....looks very delicious.....please send this to me.:)

TBC said...

Oooh your watermelon cheese bites look so cute!

Dhana said...

Hehe Kajal, hop on over and will make you some with the never ending supply of watermelon we seem to be having this summer :)

Thanks TBC, isn't it g8 when food looks as good as it tastes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Dhana,

I was searching for something else to do with all the kumquats and nectarines I have to use up. Somewhere along the way I came upon your stuffed watermelon. What could this be?!

From your idea, I am going to stuff my nectarines with some nut cheese. Then my imagination begins to see the possibilities of stuffing other melons too. Ohhhh, this is going to be fun!

Thank you for your playful inspiration and cooling consumption.

Dhana said...

How cool Nora! I wish I had some kumquats that I needed to use up ;) Nectarines with nut cheese sounds g8...May be you could grill them a bit before the stuffing and then drizzle the stuffing with some honey?

Anonymous said...


I decided to puree the kumquats and freeze them in an ice cube tray. Each kumquat fills one cube. When frozen solid, I will bag them for another day of experimentation. I was out of cashews and almonds and the pumpkins seeds or sunflower seeds I had didn't inspire me enough to make the nut/seed butter.

Removing the kumquat pulp and stuffing the skin with a nut butter may also be something to play around with. Drizzling with honey sounds good, or pure maple syrup.

Also thanks for your comments on my blog. Did you really make the date goji balls? As you can see I just began food blogging, and yours was the first comment. So that is really very special.


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I just ate the nectarines au natural. They were good that way too! N

Dhana said...

Ooh Nora, hope the frozen Kumquat cubes turn out well!

Nectarines in any form, especially au naturel sound perfect!