Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging By Mail Package is Here!

I was sooo excited to receive a wonderful gift hamper filled with the most amazing goodies from Jen of Fallen Souffle! This is part of a fantastic project started by Stephanie, where I can say with even more conviction now that this was a brilliant idea ;)

Jen put put together a list of her favorite things: very tasty home baked chocolate chip cookies (with whole wheat yay!) and her recipe to go with it, apricots, cherry jam, espresso chocolates, tea in the cutest package saying "We will always have Pearis", and Jack Daniels flavored coffee (w00t!).

Thank you Jen for lovingly putting together such a fantastic array of foods!. I can't wait to make your chocolate chip cookies and of course try the Jack Daniels flavored coffee :P. My favorite part was the prettiest note written by Jen explaining the contents and how much she loves Trader Joes. Guess what Jen, me too!

The Blogging by Mail event has been such fun, where I got to send a package to Becke in Ohio, and received mine from Jen in NC!! I will write about the stuff I sent soon. In the meanwhile you can read Becke's post on it here :) Can't thank Stephanie enough for going through the trouble of pairing the bloggers up and just bringing back the joy of snail mail based interaction :)


Sharmi said...

that is such a beautiful event. I wish i had participated. didn't know about it. I think there is no more signing in right? lovely gifts.

Nupur said...

This is such a fun event! I participated last year, and was rewarded with such an amazing package. The one you got looks just lovely!

Lakshmi said...

Lovely event and lovely gifts.

Dhana said...

Sharmi, this was one of the most fun events! I think Stephanie hosts it more than once, so you may want to check with her.

Nupur, isn't that such a fun event?

Thanks Laxmi. The gifts were awesome. Have been enjoying them non stop for the last few days :)

bhags said...

Hey dhana, this is a lovely way to associate with fellow bloggers....nice goodies you have got there....hope i would have known about this

Asha said...

That looks like yummy package!! Enjoy the event!:))
Can't wait to see what you sent her!:)

Jen said...

Yey! So glad you liked everything, I'm so glad it didn't all melt!
Best to you!

Dhana said...

Thanks Asha! I will write about my package to Becke soon. Hint: it did have a Kolhapuri touch to it ;)

Jen, loved everything is more like it! Can't thank you enough for the lovely goodies!!

Saju said...

thanks for visiting my blog Dhana. I like what I see on your blog